The remains of Autumn ~ Portraits of Jess & Leon

In the last days of Autumn I managed to find some spectacular colour remaining to capture Jess & Leon against. It was a short & sweet shoot but I’m so glad to have photographed them in familiar surrounds, close to home. I have many sweet memories of wandering the Curtin horse paddocks and storm water drain as a young teenager with Jess. It was such a unique experience to then take our own children to the same places we used to play. Thanks Jess for the opportunity to relive some good times and create many more. xx

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.29.48 pm140526Jess&Leon_007 140526Jess&Leon_020 140526Jess&Leon_028 140526Jess&Leon_030 140526Jess&Leon_034 140526Jess&Leon_037 140526Jess&Leon_044140526Jess&Leon_038
140526Jess&Leon_049 140526Jess&Leon_053 140526Jess&Leon_055
140526Jess&Leon_062 Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.30.05 pm 

140526Jess&Leon_071Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.33.07 pm 140526Jess&Leon_078 140526Jess&Leon_083 140526Jess&Leon_086 140526Jess&Leon_092

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Holly currently works primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer in the ACT and Regional NSW areas.
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