So I’ve been creating, just not in the way you think….

Wow. Hello.

It’s been SO so so long since blog posting, I even had to take three attempts at my password! My apologies, but I do have a good excuse…. I’ve been creating more little people…. Welcome Nash, the new addition to our family, now 11 months old! eeeek! where has that time gone?!?!?!

I’ve tried hard to do the same as I did with our daughter Poppy, and photograph him at around the same date each month for his first 12 months of his life, and I thought I was behind in editing/posting photos of Poppy (and only got to 6 months of age) but this has been a whole new level of busy!

I sat down the other day for the first time and actually began to edit Nash’s newborn pics, some of which I hadn’t even seen yet! And as embarrassing as that is, I have to congratulate myself a little in at least having taken all the pics I’ve wanted to each month, I know they are there, safely sleeping on my hard drive, I just haven’t had the time to look at them since downloading. BUT, I’m committed to them having a life and dancing across my blog pages as soon as possible. So here’s a little taste of what’s to come… Nash, May 2015, 12 days old xx




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Holly currently works primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer in the ACT and Regional NSW areas.
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