Portraits of Allyson ~ Shot for Acuity Magazine

A recent portrait shoot for Acuity Magazine, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand included capturing the stunning and photogenic Allyson at the Nara Japanese Gardens, Canberra. All the elements fell into place on the day and resulted in some fantastic shots, representing her time living and working in Japan. xx

 Canberra Portrait Photographer_01 Canberra Portrait Photographer_02Canberra Portrait Photographer_03Canberra Portrait Photographer_05Canberra Portrait Photographer_04Canberra Portrait Photographer_06Canberra Portrait Photographer_07Canberra Portrait Photographer_08Canberra Portrait Photographer_25Canberra Portrait Photographer_24 Canberra Portrait Photographer_23 Canberra Portrait Photographer_22 Canberra Portrait Photographer_21 Canberra Portrait Photographer_20 Canberra Portrait Photographer_19 Canberra Portrait Photographer_18 Canberra Portrait Photographer_17 Canberra Portrait Photographer_16 Canberra Portrait Photographer_15 Canberra Portrait Photographer_14 Canberra Portrait Photographer_09Canberra Portrait Photographer_10Canberra Portrait Photographer_11 Canberra Portrait Photographer_12 Canberra Portrait Photographer_13

About Holly

Holly currently works primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer in the ACT and Regional NSW areas.
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