Bespoke Frames by Scott Clements

Another great way to bring your photos to life is with beautiful bespoke frames! There’s nothing new in this idea, but more people need to start doing it ~ it gives visitors something to admire on your walls and will bring a smile to your face every time you see your favourite images staring back at you, reminding you of a time and a place or simply pleasing you aesthetically.

This timber frame was custom made by my partner Scott Clements   to frame my image titled ‘When I grow up’.

The image was taken while traveling through Vietnam in early 2010. It was one of many that were exhibited at Cafe Yala, Canberra Institute of Technology. The show was called ‘Watching you watching me’ after which I gifted the framed print to a good friend of mine, Kristen. It now hangs proudly on her bedroom wall and I see it more at her house than my own (I know, I need to take my own advice!)

Thus, I can’t express enough how wonderful it is to see it living and being enjoyed by others and I will en devour to decorate my new home with some of my own work, bringing it out of my archives and onto the walls. xx

Canberra Documentary Photographer_01 Canberra Documentary Photographer_02 Canberra Documentary Photographer_03 Canberra Documentary Photographer_04

About Holly

Holly currently works primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer in the ACT and Regional NSW areas.
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